Information for parents and guardians

Our ‘nieces and nephews’ are children referred to us by social workers, community or government agencies or by their parents.

Parents or guardians may:

  • be a sole parent or guardian;
  • have no extended network of supportive family or friends;
  • have challenging circumstances at home which impact on how much direct attention they are able to give their child, such as another family member with a physical or mental disability or chronic illness.

The benefits of the program:

The benefits for the children include having:

  • new and different experiences;
  • someone else in their lives who makes them feel special and supports their interests;
  • an extended family including an ‘auntie’, ‘uncle’, ‘cousins’ and ‘grandparents’;
  • a peaceful environment and an opportunity for time out from home; and
  • a long-term mentor and friend.

The benefits for the parents/guardians include:

  • having a caring person who can offer support to their child;
  • a break from the stresses of parenting for a period of time each month; and
  • a role model for their child.

The benefits for volunteer aunties and uncles include:

  • having a special relationship with the child;
  • sharing their life experiences; and
  • gaining a new family member.

Who are our aunties and uncles?

Aunties and uncles can be anyone over the age of 18 years and come from all walks of life. They are required to attend an information session and undertake a suitability assessment before being accepted into the program. This assessment includes the provision of three referees, an in home assessment, obtaining a positive Blue card notice and undertaking a National Criminal History Check.  Applicants are also asked to complete a training manual to support them to understand the mentoring relationship and provide guidance as they commence this important role.

At all times the well being of your child/ren is our main priority.

How the linking process works

To identify the best possible match, the Coordinator reviews the children on our waiting list against the screened aunties and uncles who have been accepted into the program. The Coordinator considers such things as where you live (in relation to the auntie/uncle) and your child’s interests.

Want more information?

For more information:

Parents who are interested in including their children in our program are asked to read, complete and return the forms contained within the Information Kit above (application, medical checklist, indemnity and media release consent). On receipt, a Coordinator visit will be arranged and once a child is assessed, as suitable for the program, they will be placed on the waiting list.