Information for aunties and uncles

Aunties and uncles are volunteers over 18 years of age. They:

  • may be married or single, with or without children of their own;
  • have a caring, non-judgmental attitude;
  • have a genuine liking for children;
  • have the time and willingness to develop a long term relationship with their niece or nephew;
  • have respect for the relationship between parents and children;
  • have the ability to encourage children and young people in a positive way;
  • hold a current Blue Card and have passed a National Criminal History Check.

Who are the children?

Our ‘nieces and nephews’ are children referred to us by social workers, community or government agencies or by their parents. They often live in sole parent families with no extended family network.

The benefits of the program

The benefits for the children include having:

  • new and different experiences;
  • someone else in their lives who makes them feel special and supports their interests;
  • an extended family including an ‘auntie’, ‘uncle’, ‘cousins’ and ‘grandparents’;
  • a peaceful environment and an opportunity for time out from home; and
  • a long-term mentor and friend.

The benefits for the parents/guardians include:

  • having a caring person who can offer support to their child;
  • a break from the stresses of parenting for a period of time each month; and
  • a role model for their child.

The benefits for volunteer aunties and uncles include:

  • having a special relationship with the child;
  • sharing their life experiences; and
  • gaining a new family member.

How does the linking process work?

Once a volunteer auntie/uncle is screened and accepted into the program, the Coordinator reviews the children on our waiting list to identify the best possible match. The Coordinator considers such things as where you live (in relation to the child), your interests and lifestyle.

Want more information?

For more information:

  • All prospective mentors are required to attend one of our Information Nights which are held monthly at a number of venues.  Please contact us for further information or to RSVP for an information session;
    **Please note that as a result of high attendee numbers at recent information sessions, we have an influx of mentor applications to process.  For the time being we will not be accepting any further applications or proceeding with information sessions.   Please contact us and we will keep your details on file and be in touch once sessions recommence.  
  • Download the Information Kit , Mentor Position Description and application form (not currently available);
  • All mentors are required to undergo a National Criminal History Check and hold a valid Blue Card.  Read more about the Blue Card/Working with Children Check process. Your program coordinator will advise you, in due course, when to complete these processes.
  • Watch our short film to learn more about the Aunties and Uncles program;
  • Read the FAQs for aunties and uncles;
  • Check out our Useful Links and Resources page.