Be a Part of a Life Changing Experience this Tax Time!


To help build better lives for children in need, we need to raise $50,000 in our end of financial year appeal.  Please donate today!

I’d like to introduce you to Ben.

Ben is a spirited and determined 12 year old boy who had dreams of fishing.

Ben’s dreams came true two years ago when he met Andrew through the Aunties and Uncles mentoring program. The two forged a strong bond over a mutual love of the outdoors.

Like all our wonderful volunteer aunties and uncles, Andrew wanted to make a big change to a little life.  And he has.

As 30 June nears, I need your help so that we continue to make a difference to children like Ben. 

Your donation will help place a disadvantaged child with an auntie or uncle.

We had to make the very difficult decision last year to close the waiting list until we had sufficient resources to help the many children in need.

The demand is high, and we are still stretched.  Please donate. Every dollar makes a difference.

Back to Ben… Here’s what his Mum had to say:

“Ben was fortunate enough to be matched with his lovely Uncle Andrew around 2 years ago. I think Ben thought all his wishes and dreams had come true when he found out his Uncle Andrew was a fisheries officer.  

Ben so loves to go fishing and now thanks to Uncle Andrew has his own tackle box and all the necessary items to go in it!!  Not to say the special fishing shirt as well.  It’s lovely that Andrew and Ben both share the enjoyment of the outdoors and Ben has been lucky enough to go out on Uncle Andrew’s boat as well, which he absolutely loves.  Not too many fish caught, but nice they are having special male bonding time, something Ben has missed out on.

I have seen Ben grow and mature in the time they have been together. Uncle Andrew always has words of wisdom, is very calming, and a positive influence in Ben’s life. My favourite thing is when I see Andrew come to the door and Ben’s face light up – he just beams with happiness.

Thanks to the wonderful staff at Aunties and Uncles – you have made a big change to our lives”.

When he was first introduced to Ben in 2014, Andrew saw an intelligent boy craving for interaction with a male role model.

“Over our monthly one-on-one catch-ups I’ve seen Ben develop into a promising young man, who displays great potential at school and demonstrates strong social skills with his family and friends – not to mention his enthusiasm and initiative with his party balloon venture and other big dreams for the future!

Aunties & Uncles has provided Ben, his family and me with a great program, support and development that can only promote a better future for us all.”

Ben’s dreams have now turned to a party balloon venture.  He tried out his balloon artistry skills at a recent Aunties and Uncles picnic much to the delight of the other children.

Thanks to Andrew and Aunties and Uncles, Ben now has the confidence to pursue his dreams.

Please help us to help children like Ben by making a donation to our $50,000 end of financial year appeal.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

Suzanne Rose