Surf’s Up!

WOW ….. what a great day!

Aunties and Uncles participants went surfing @ Greenmount Beach, Gold Coast on 2 April.  The Walkin on Water Surf School taught  35 children from the program all about swimming between the flags, rips in the surf, the need to apply sunscreen and THEN they learned how to balance on, paddle and STAND on a surfboard!  It was great fun for all.

The water was warm, clear and sparkling and filled with children who splashed, paddled, fell, and paddled again before they caught not only one but many waves!

It was smiles and laughter all around thanks to the Macquarie Sports Foundation, Surfing Australia and the Walkin onWater team.  Gold Coast pro surfer Codie Klein even called in to help.

“It was such a great day seeing so many of the Aunties and Uncles children learning something new and having such fun at the same time” said Wendy Bullock, Board member.  “Days like this really add to the positive memories these children will have as they grow.”

As some of the children said …. ‘surfing makes me happy.  I’d like to surf for the rest of my life!’  Couldn’t get a better outcome for a great day.

Click here to see Surfing Australia’s video of all the fun that was had on the day.

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