Organise a Fundraiser

Organising your own fundraiser for Aunties and Uncles Queensland is lots of fun, a great way to meet new people and extremely rewarding. It’s also very easy!

Your contribution will go a long way to making a BIG difference in the lives of some of South East Queensland’s most vulnerable children, aged 1-11.

You can fundraise on your own, in a group, at school or at work.

Getting started with your fundraising

If you are passionate about raising money for our important work, we can help you turn your fundraising idea into a reality.

Check out our fundraising kit and get started today!

Apply to fundraise

We are legally required to approve and authorise all volunteer fundraising activities to make sure everyone is kept safe and the event meets all financial and legal requirements.

We will consider your idea once we have received your completed application form.

However, if you have any questions please contact us on 07 3367 8002 or by email