Life Time Links

It’s fair to say that once you are part of the Aunties and Uncles program, you really do maintain those contacts for life. Time after time we are reminded of this, and the importance of these connections across years and generations.

We were made aware of a great story recently when Auntie Judy and her six  year old niece, Indi, had an especially great weekend, courtesy of a very special visitor. That special visitor was Duane who was linked with Judy through Aunties and Uncles 20 years ago when he was only eight.

Judy had talked to Indi about Duane and explained that when he was little, he would visit her just as Indi does now.  Indi was very intrigued and even more excited when she learnt that Duane would be coming for lunch. The visit was a great success with lots of reminiscing, lots of poring over old photos and lots of laughter.  Through this visit, Indi understood that just as Judy’s relationship with Duane had spanned the years, so too would Judy’s relationship with Indi. Judy will always be an Auntie to Duane and Indi, just as they will both always be part of Judy’s family.

Judy’s take on her involvement with Aunties and Uncles is simple.  She says “It’s fantastic for me and my daughter Bec to still be in touch with Duane after all this time.  It was a very successful link, and the visits spanned many years.  Our weekends were full of laughter and fun, and I’m very proud of the man he has become.  My life has been incredibly enriched through my awesome nephew and niece and I’m grateful for the Aunties and Uncles program.” Well said Judy – and thank you!

Judy_Young Duane_jpg

Judy with a young Duane

Bec and Duane young_jpg

Bec and Duane

Bec and Duane now_jpg

Bec and Duane now.