Aunties and Uncles Introductory Workshop

Kids and supervising teachers will be introduced to the basics of documentary filmmaking, including visual literacy, storytelling and technical skills.

Aunties and Uncles Advanced Courses

Advanced courses focus on strengthening the skills learnt in the introductory workshop. Schools may elect workshops on specific skills such as camera work, animation or editing, or alternatively choose a general advancement in all areas.

Aunties and Uncles Teacher Training

Aunties and Uncles trains teachers so they can continue the method in their own classrooms.

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Photos: Terese Casu, Pat Fiske, Mitzi Goldman, Danny Teece-Johnson and the kids of the Aunties and Uncles / Bundanon program. Website by: Website Development Adelaide





Aunties and Uncles Queensland is an early intervention and prevention program helping vulnerable and socially isolated children aged 1-11 years, within the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Mentors have an immense long-lasting impact on these children by helping them to experience stability and the benefits of an extended family.