Corporate Reception

A Big thank you to Tim Horan,  A&U Ambassador, for recently hosting a corporate function with some of Brisbane’s leading construction, financial and legal companies who had come to learn a little more about A&U and how they might get involved. Tim was able to share stories of his personal A&U journey which many in the room may not have been aware of.

Tim recalled some of the experiences he and his family had with three little girls whose single Mum had sought assistance from the program. He also talked about how the program has grown and expanded over the last 15 years, his desire to see that expansion continue to other areas of the State and his fervent wish to ensure the sustainability of A&U through corporate funding and support.

Our thanks go to Clayton Utz also. Not only does the firm provide pro bono legal advice to A&U but on this occasion they extended their services even further by hosting  the function and providing access to their wonderful  boardroom for the evening. The fabulous city skyline was just a bonus on the night.