A&U Christmas Appeal


Please help Johnny and Lisa’s Christmas Wish Come True!

Support comes to Aunties and Uncles in many forms – a cash donation, the purchase of a ticket to a movie night, volunteering to work at a sausage sizzle or the donation of a toy to our annual toy drive.

I am once again calling upon our community of supporters to help us by making a donation this Christmas.  Now more than ever we need your support.

Your gift will give vulnerable children like Johnny (8) and his sister Lisa (5) a chance at a brighter future.

Issues of domestic violence and substance abuse saw Johnny and Lisa and their sisters removed from their parents’  care and placed with their loving grandmother, Stacy. 

Whilst Stacy cares for the children, managing a busy household at her age and state of health is hard work.   Stacy finds herself with little time to do much more than the basics.

She deeply regrets that she is unable to give them the one-on-one attention they need to foster their social and emotional growth and development. She simply doesn’t have the time or capacity to do more than she already is.

Thankfully, for her grandkids, Stacy looked to Aunties and Uncles to help her out. The good news is that two of the children have been placed with mentors, but unfortunately Johnny and Lisa are still waiting to be placed.

Regrettably, they are not alone..

We currently have more than 20 children on our waiting list.  We are turning families away each week because we don’t have the resources to help them.

This Christmas, Johnny and Lisa just want what their siblings have – a special person in their lives to help them cope with life’s challenges. Grandma is doing her best but the caring support of an uncle and aunty would have a remarkable impact on their young lives.  You can make this happen!

It costs us $3,000 to screen, train, monitor and support each and every mentor we match to each vulnerable child.  Your donation will help meet this expense.

Please help make Johnny and Lisa’s Christmas wish come true by giving generously today! Your support, be it large or small, would mean so much!  All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Yours for the children,

Suzanne Rose

PS:  We need your urgent support.  Please donate today so that children like Johnny and Lisa will have the Christmas they deserve.

** Please note the names and ages of  the children have been changed for confidentiality purposes.


If you wish to donate by cheque or money order, please post to:

Aunties and Uncles Queensland
PO Box 570
Paddington Qld 4064

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