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Aunties and Uncles

Aunties and Uncles is a mentoring program for vulnerable and socially isolated children aged 1 – 11 years. The mentor relationship offers each child time, attention, care, stability, guidance and exposure to new experiences and opportunities to empower them to reach their potential and establish their future. Our caring and non-judgemental Coordinators are social workers with extensive experience in child welfare and protection. They evaluate the needs of each family and thoroughly screen prospective volunteers. Over time, a lasting friendship is developed. Many of the children have experienced a lot of change in their lives and so it is important that volunteers are able to commit to 2 days a month, for at least one year, to their niece or nephew.

Aunties and Uncles Queensland is an early intervention and prevention program helping vulnerable and socially isolated children aged 1-11 years, within the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Mentors have an immense long-lasting impact on these children by helping them to experience stability and the benefits of an extended family.

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